Most people who have a conflict want to end it as quickly as possible. Legal procedures take a lot of energy, time and money. Therefore many people choose an alternative: mediation. The mediator is a neutral person who helps the parties solve their conflicts by making joint interests visible. The mediator does not make decisions for the parties but helps them find a joint base for a long lasting agreement.

Mediation is only effective if the parties genuinely want to solve their problem and want to make an effort to succeed. Also important is that the parties at the mediation are authorised to sign a binding contract.

The field of expertise contains these subjects

Visitation and custody conflicts
Alimony, property settlement
Family conflicts
Job conflicts
Business conflicts

When parties decide to participate in mediation a first meeting is usually planned within two weeks. In this meeting the mediator explains mediation and a mediation contract is signed. Look here for a standard mediation contract. Then more meetings take place. When the mediation succeeds, a legally binding contract is made and - if needed - sent to the court for confirmation.
If only one party is interested in mediation, we contact the other and see if he wants to participate.

The hour rates are variable, depending on the urgency and complicity of the case and will be discussed at the intake. Clients who can apply for legal aid pay a reducted fee. Legal aid is only possible at Brech Familierecht in mediations and uncomplicated cases. Additional costs like court fees are also charged.



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